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Command List of Moto Moto

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warn / Show/Remove/Add Warns to Someone.

nuke / Nuking The channel.

unmute / Unmuting A muted member.

mute / Muting a Member.

kick / Kicking a member.

ban / Banning a member.

unban / Unbanning a User.

addrole / Adding A Role To A User.

removerole / Removing A Role To A User.

purge / Clearing An Amount Of Messages.

lock / Locking The Current Channel.

unlock / Unlocking The Current Channel.

cprefix / Changing The Prefix Of the server.

resetlevel / Resetting The Level Of A Member.



toggletickets / Enabling Tickets Of the server.

blacklist / Manage The Blacklist of the server.

toggleautorole / Toggling The Auto Role in the server.

setautorole / Setting The AutoRole's Role.

toggleautokick / Enabling The Auto Kick Feature. (Kicking people if they arent atleast chosen amount of days in discord.)

togglecaptcha / Toggle Captcha Verification Of the server.

toggleremovelinks / Toggles Links Removal Of the server.

toggleremoveinvites / Toggles Invites Removal In The Current

togglemembercount / Toggling Member Count In The server.

togglewelcome / Toggling Welcome Message In The Server.

customcommands / Manage the custom commands of the server

setwelcome / Set the welcome message of the server.

toggleantispam / Toggle The Anti Spam Feature

togglelevels / Toggling the leveling system Feature.

onping / Manage The onping List.

togglelivebtc / Toggling The Live BTC Feature (Updating every 5 minutes the price of btc in a voice channel)

togglepinglogger / Toggling the Ping Log Feature (Logging every @everyong ping,From who, and what was the last time he pinged.)



poll / Create A Poll.

hastebin / Uploading Your Text To Hastebin.

tts / Converting your text into speech (only English at the moment)

ascii / Generating An ascii Art From Your Text.

embed / Sending your text In An Embed.

say / Saying Something Through the bot.

instagram / Searching for an instagram user.



ping / Shows You MotoMoto latency.

whois / Shows information About A Member.

crypto / Shows The crypto values.

corona / Shows the Covid-19 Stats of a region.

serverinfo / Shows inforomation About the server.

help / Shows The list of MotoMoto's Commands.

leaderboard / Get The Leaderboard Link Of the server.

weather / Get The Weather Of A Location.

botinfo / Giving You Some Useful info About Me.

level / Shows You A Level Of A User.


Games Stats

fortnite / Shows The Stats Of a Fortnite Player.

csgo / Shows The Stats Of A CS:GO Player.

apex / Shows The Stats Of An Apex Legends Player.

hypixel / Shows The Stats Of A Hypixel Player.

cod / Shows The Stats Of A C.O.D Player.

overwatch / Shows The Stats Of A Overwatch Player.



play / Plays Any Music You Would Like.

leave / Leaving The Channel.

volume / Changing The Volume Of The Music.

pause / Pausing/Resuming the music.

skip / Skipping The Current Song.

lyrics / Shows You The Lyrics of a song.

queue / Show The Queue For The Current Server

loop / Toggling queue loop/repeat.



ticket / Creating A new Ticket.

close / Closing A Ticket.



8ball / Answers A question for you.

howgay / Shows how gay you or someone you tag are.

isgay / Showing The Truth About Someone.

clap / Add Some Clap To Your Text.

jail / Sending Your Friend To Jail.

gay / Show Everyone your pride.

wanted / Hey! You're Wanted! Dont move!

memeify / MeMeIfYiNg YoUr TeXt

patrick / Sending A Patrick Sentence

leetify / 1337ify 4 73x7

dadjoke / Telling you A Random Dad Joke

owo / making youw text bettew

advice / Giving you an Advice.

kanye / Giving You A Kanye West Sentence.

textflip / Flipping A Text.

meme / Shows You A Random Meme From Reddit.

uselessweb / Giving you a random Useless website.

ask / Ask The Bot A Question.

hug / Hugging someone.

hack / Hacking Someone.

slap / Slapping Someone.